Lebedev V.I. , Maacha L., Zouhair M., El Ghorfi M., Borisenko A.S., Kalinin Y.A. и др. CRITERIA FOR PREDICTION OF INDUSTRIAL MINERALIZATION IN THE IMITER ORE FIELD (MOROCCO). – 2016. – 264 с.
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Authors: V.I. Lebedev, L. Maacha, M. Zouhair, M. El Ghorfi, A.S. Borisenko, Yu.A. Kalinin, G.G. Pavlova, P.A. Nevolko, A.A. Ayriyants, A.A. Borovikov, A. Gaouzi, M. Derbal, M.T. Berrada, V.V. Aristov, D.N. Zadorozhny, B.S. Zelikson, S.N. Zverev, V.I. Titov

Translation into English: A.N. Koshkin, V.V. Soyan

/ Ed.-in-chief Acad. RAS V.V. Yarmolyuk [Electron. resource: May 2016]. – 2nd ed., rev. and exp. –
Kyzyl: TuvIENR SB RAS, 2016. – 264 p.: with colour illustrations. Appendices: p. 212–263. – English. –
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ISBN 978–5–94897–069–1

Reviewers: doctor of geology I.V. Gaskov (IGM, Novosibirsk);
                     candidate of geology A.M. Sugorakova (TuvIENR SB RAS, Kyzyl)

The monograph presents the results of the expert geological-structural, mineralogical, geochemical and isotopic-geochronological studies, and concentrate geochemical and mercurometric researches, performed by an expert group of LLC OZGEO in accordance with the «Program of geological works in the Imiter ore field for 2011–2012», which have allowed the authors to obtain a number of new important geological, mineralogical, and geochemical data about the conditions of formation and regularities of localization of mercury-silver mineralization of the Imiter ore area. In particular, the features of structural control of mercury-silver mineralization in the situations of stretching and shift deformations, interfaced to the Imiter system of fractures, are determined; the role discontinuous structures with different ages is estimated in the localizations of productive mineralization; an evidence of post-magmatic formation of hydrothermal low-temperature mercury-silver mineralization of the Imiter ore area is obtained, and its Mesozoic age is proved by geochronological data. Besides, a new type of the hydrothermal barite-mercury-gold-silver mineralization presumably of the early Cambrian age has been determined in the Imiter ore field. The authors of the monograph have made a creation attempt to originate a reliable research and forecast complex for identification of productive mercury-silver mineralization based on a number of new thermo-barometrical-geochemical indications in combination with geochemical and structural criteria.
The results of the researches and conclusions, presented by the authors, are important not only for prediction of an industrial mercury-silver ore content of flanks and deep horizons of the objects in the Imiter ore area, but also can be useful for other manifestations of this kind.
The work is intended for specialists of the respective areas of expertise.

Illustrations 144. Tables 17. References 139. 33 appendices on 79 pp.

Sustainable publishing program of TuvIENR SB RAS for 2016,
agreed by the Scientific publishing council of the RAS

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